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  Home   You are visiting the new homepage of vacation-and-more.de which was released in 2008. This website offers you various picture sets of several travel trips. The standard language is German, but the newly released website offers an English version, also. Feedback could be sent to ContentMaster@vacation-and-more.de.
  Travel impressions   Follow this link and you will find various travel journals and photographs from different trips to foreign countries as Italy, USA nach Morocco, Central America, France, etc. Come in and find out!
  Travel countries   Here you will find a list of all countries and their capital per continent, see which I have visited, find the link to the travel reports and have access to some dedicated pictures at various occasions.
  Miscellaneous   Here you will some topics that might be helpful for you...
  Deutsche Version   Hier befindet sich die deutsche Version der Web-Site.
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