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In March and April as well as in September 2006 I had two working stay in the South East of the United States. If not my work have brought me to that location, I doubt that I ever have come up with the idea of visiting those States... But now I was there and I tried to see and explore as much as possible. The area is a quite still landscape, in nearly every village you will find a church of persuasion. Beside the interstates you will find plenty of temples of chow whereas the hinterland remains the impression of boon docks where no restaurants or inns are to be found. Absolutely interesting was the Blind Horse, a real Cowboy Saloon where I did not see a single black guy but lots of "red-necks" and at the end the girls danced at the sales counter... I did some sightseeing whenever is was possible, means: Table Rock State Park, Caesar Head State Park, Ravens Cliff Fall, Charleston, several swamps, Atlantic Ocean, Myrtle Beach as well as the famous Great Smoky National Park.
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