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4 weeks Vietnam travelling from north to south presented us wonderful moments: Start in Hanoi a lovely capital where we were hell-bent for Nem (fresh spring rolls). We did the mandatory Ha Long Bay Great by cruising with a ship through misty and cloudy sea at low temperature (22 degrees Celsius). Then by night-bus to Hue where all was still adorned for the Tet festival. Afterwards we reached our highlight, Hoi An the riverine city of the thousand lantern. From here we had a short visit of Mi Son the old cham temples (bombed by the Americans). Afterwards we enjoyed the hot sun and the beach of Nha Trang (rest of the city is poor and overcrowded by Russians). After a few days we jumped on our plane to Phuc Quoc that gives us, sun, beach, sunsets and fantastic fish dinners at the night market. After a week of relaxing we had a Mekong Delta cruising with the Mekong Eyes (expensive; however highly recommended). Last but not least we had a few days in Ho-Chi-Minh City, the former Saigon. This city is vivid and vital with fantastic weather conditions.
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