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Reisebericht 2011-2012 Westindien
We visited West India from December 2011 to January 2012 and spent more than 5 weeks there. By this we gained manifold impressions of India and the Indian people. A few days in Delhi (dust, masses of human beings, poverty, perpetual horns and other noises, beggars with cripplednesses, historical buildings), then with driver Anwar to Agra with its famous Taj Mahal and further thru Rajasthan (Amber with Amber Fort and Jaipur with Wind Palace, Pushkar at the lake, stop at the rat temple, Bikaner, Jaisalmer with lake and Fort as well as Camel safari in the desert Thar, Jodhpur with its mighty Fort, Temple of Ranakpur, Udaipur). Afterwards per plane from Udaipur (via Mumbai with slums that are located directly at the safety fence of the airport) to Trivandrum, having some smooth days at the beach of Kovalam, visit of city Cochin and then up to Munnar located at 4920 feet, tea plantation and lovely landscape. Back at the sea level we visited the Backwaters near Alleppey having a house boat. Ensuing by train to Agonda that is in the very south of - finally beach leisure and just a little bit culture. Last but not least per train to Mumbai having our last few days of vacation before the plane brought us back home.
14-12-11 - Vivid street life close to Main Baazar14-12-11 - Vivid street life close to Main Baazar15-12-11 - City tour - Red Fort15-12-11 - City tour - historic mosque15-12-11 - City tour - Lotus Temple16-12-11 - Tour with Anwar - India Gate16-12-11 - Tour with Anwar - India Gate17-12-11 - Snake charmer with two cobras17-12-11 - Sikandra - Akbar-Mausoleum close to Agra17-12-11 - Sikandra - Akbar-Mausoleum close to Agra17-12-11 - Sikandra - Akbar-Mausoleum close to Agra17-12-11 - Agra Fort17-12-11 - Agra Fort17-12-11 - In Agra Fort - first view at Taj Mahal17-12-11 - Agra Fort17-12-11 - Agra Fort18-12-11 - Taj Mahal in the morning mist18-12-11 - Taj Mahal in the morning mist18-12-11 - Fatehpur Sikri - Capital of Great Mogul Akbar18-12-11 - Fatehpur Sikri - Capital of Great Mogul Akbar19-12-11 - Amber Fort19-12-11 - Amber Fort19-12-11 - Amber Fort19-12-11 - Jaigarh Fort - Vista to the defensive wall19-12-11 - Palace of winds (Hawa Mahal) in Jaipur19-12-11 - Palace of winds (Hawa Mahal) in Jaipur19-12-11 - Jaipur - merchants, birds and beggars20-12-11 - Amber Fort20-12-11 - Lake of Pushkar20-12-11 - Pushkar at night21-12-11 - Street life in Pushkar21-12-11 - Colors of India in Pushkar22-12-11 - Rats in  the Karni-Mata-Temple (Temple of Rats)23-12-11 - Old city and fort of Jaisalmer23-12-11 - Bada Bagh close to Jaisalmer23-12-11 - Lake of Jaisalmer23-12-11 - View to the Fort of Jaisalmer24-12-11 - Fort of Jaisalmer24-12-11 - Camel Safari - shadow of my dromedary plus mine24-12-11 - Camel Safari - dromedary24-12-11 - Camel Safari - dromedary in the sunset26-12-11 - Fort Jodhpur26-12-11 - View from Fort Jodhpur to the blue historic center26-12-11 - Fort Jodhpur - hand mark of the wifes of the deceased mogul26-12-11 - Temples of Ranakpur26-12-11 - Temples of Ranakpur - inside26-12-11 - Palace of Udaipur at night27-12-11 - Lake of Udaipur27-12-11 - Inside the City Palace of Udaipur27-12-11 - Life of the lake of Udaipur28-12-11 - light house of Kovalum29-12-11 - Sunset in Kovalum01-01-12 - Chinese fishing nets in Cochi01-01-12 - Fish offerings in Cochi01-01-12 - Procession in Cochi01-01-12 - Here are the young tigers02-01-12 - Kerala Folklore Theatre & Museum - dance presentation03-01-12 - Tea plantages in Munnar03-01-12 - Tea plantages in Munnar03-01-12 - Harvest of tea close to Munnar04-01-12 - Backwaters of Alleppey - houseboat04-01-12 - Backwaters of Alleppey - living in the backwaters - rice cultivation04-01-12 - Backwaters of Alleppey - living in the Backwaters - washing day04-01-12 - Sunset at the backwaters of Alleppey06-01-12 - Beach of Agonda07-01-12 - Sunset in Agonda having ship on the horizont07-01-12 - Sunset in Agonda09-01-12 - Sunset in Agonda having ship on the horizont10-01-12 - Beach of Palolem11-01-12 - St. Francis Church in Old Goa11-01-12 - St. Cajetan Church in Old Goa16-01-12 - On the way to Crawfort Market in Mumbai16-01-12 - Victoria Station in Mumbai16-01-12 - Mumbai Colaba at the Back Bay17-01-12 - Taj Mahal and Gateway of India17-01-12 - Statues and cages at Elephant Island17-01-12 - Cafe Mondegar in Coloba in Mumbai18-01-12 - Vivid Mumbai - Trees and crowds
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